Installation and mounting of the SuperSense Scale

With the SuperSense Scale you are able to precisely determine the fill level of gas cylinders. The product works with all standard 5 kg, 6 kg and 11 kg gas cylinders.

The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

  • SuperSense Scale incl. permanently mounted connection cable
  • scale controller
  • Power supply cable

The installation is done in three simple steps.

1.) Placement of the scale

Place the scale in a flat place and make sure that the scale is only held by the feet at the bottom. Then place the gas bottle on the plate as usual and lash it back in place.

2.) Place the scale controller outside the gas box and connect the scale connection cable to it.

The Scale Controller is responsible for the communication with the app and contains all calibration data of the SuperSense Scale.

If you have purchased several scales, always make sure that one scale is always used together with the supplied scale controller. A corresponding note on the devices facilitates the assignment. You can also recognize a "pair" by its serial number, because it is a consecutive number, the lower number is on the scale, the scale controller is followed by the same serial number with +1.

Important: Only plug the cable into the appropriate scale controller!

3.) Establishing a power supply

Finally, use the supplied power connection cable and connect it to a power supply. You can use a voltage between 10 - 30V DC, so that the product works as well in a 12V vehicle power supply as in a 24V vehicle power supply. For home use (e.g. for outdoor kitchens, barbecues, etc...) please use a suitable power supply unit.


The mechanical setup of the scale is now complete.

Now you can make your personal settings on the app, see also the following article:

Setup of the app in connection with the SuperSense Scale


  • Your SuperSense Scale has already been factory calibrated, do not change this calibration by pressing the white buttons on the housing.
  • Use the scale exclusively for the specified purpose! The scale is not a personal scale, do not load the measuring cells with extra weights or even with your body weight - this leads to mechanical destruction and is not covered by the warranty.