The SuperSense app

For Android and iOS.
With the SuperSense App you get a perfect overview of your fill levels. The download and use is free of charge, you only need our our Bluetooth box or the SuperSense display to connect up to four level sensors and have them displayed in the app. in the app.


Android compatible

For many Android smartphones and tablets.

Apple iOS compatible

Available for Apple iPhones and iPads

Intuitive operation

No operating instructions necessary. Promised :-)

App connection via Bluetooth

Energy-saving through the latest Bluetooth low-energy technology.

Simultaneous display of different sensors.

A wide variety of sensors (SuperSense, SuperSense GasCheck, SuperSene TireCheck, SuperSense Scale) can be displayed simultaneously on the app. app at the same time.

Our screenshot shows the integration in a mobile home. Additional options have been set there, such as:

  • Display of remaining shower time
  • Display of the still possible toilet visits

Time saving through the intelligent filling mode

Make the most of your time during a filling operation and take a take a short break with an espresso. The app shows you in time when you need to return to the tank.

Perfect view even in widescreen mode

The app adapts to various display sizes and formats fully automatically. fully automatically. The "Screen permanently on" option transforms a smartphone into a chic display panel in no time at all. display panel. Tip: Older smartphones that are no longer in use are particularly well especially well suited for this service.

For diesel and other fuels

Ideally suited for special vehicles, motor homes, classic cars and everything else that is still fuel-powered on the road.

  • Reliable indication of the fuel supply
  • Calculation of the remaining range

Plug & Play, one setup completely automatic

Simply plug a sensor into the SuperSense Bluetooth box or use a sensor with an integrated Bluetooth module, and it will be recognized by the app and displayed directly. No setup, no complicated settings. Everything Plug & Play as it it should be.

  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Automatic placement on the screen

Individualizable according to your wishes

Adjust the tank settings according to your requirements.

  • Adaptable for industry, motorhomes, private use, etc.
  • The settings are retained when you switch smartphones

What is required to run the app?

The app is free of charge and can be downloaded via the app store. be downloaded. For the operation our Bluetooth-enabled sensors or alternatively the alternatively the SuperSense Bluetooth Box is necessary.

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App available for Android and iOS.
Notes: The range of functions may vary depending on the operating system. Many different smartphones are supported, but full compatibility cannot always be guaranteed. We do not guarantee functionality, especially for future, new devices that we have not yet been able to check for compatibility or for new operating system updates from the manufacturers. Nevertheless, our app development team is always up to date and strives to support as many devices (/combinations) as possible.