Success factors

COMWORKS has extensive know-how. As a specialist in the automotive and industrial electronics sector, we cover a wide range of services and can offer you unique added value that will help you reach your goal faster, better and more relaxed. Our intelligent solutions have the clear claim to always be one step ahead.

Extremely fast project start
COMWORKS specializes in getting projects started in record time. Our internal structures enable us to build teams for new projects and challenges within a very short time.

Latest technologies
The latest technologies as standard. COMWORKS has always relied on the latest technologies and processes. Therefore we develop a large part of our solutions ourselves: This creates independence and ensures fast availability. Always using the latest technologies and processes is what makes our work so special. A significant part of our turnover is therefore invested in research and development.

The best developers
Our hardware and software developers, each of them luminaries in their field, are able to solve the most complex tasks. A mixture of a fixed core team + freelance developers are the basis for our flexible working methods. An enormous advantage for our customers, because developments can be designed breathing. Smaller projects belong to our portfolio as well as developments with a large number of developers over a longer period of time.

CW DevNet - Developments without limits
CW DevNet, our development environment, is not only an extremely secure area for great projects, but also allows our developers maximum flexibility, so that adjustments / changes or new features of your project can be done not only in our house, but also in the home office or directly at the customer site. An elaborate security concept and an offline check out of completed projects considers highest requirements to protect your know-how.

24h Development
COMWORKS develops on 3 continents: Europe, North America and Asia. These locations are networked with our in-house CW DevNet. Through intelligent project management we are able to use the time difference positively for us to enable developments in 24-hour operation 5 days a week. The special challenge of this working method is the seamless interaction between project management, review and "virtual arrangements" between the locations. We have constantly refined and perfected this method in more than 10 years.

Experienced project managers
Our project managers are exclusively experts in your environment and take care of all relevant issues during the entire project phase. During the project period, the project manager is available as your direct contact person and will clarify all relevant issues with you, accompany customer meetings and keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Emergency service
Our emergency service always comes into its own when very fast support is required for projects in delay. You have offered your customers services whose fulfillment - for whatever reason - brings unexpected problems or you are a solution provider and one of your suppliers does not meet the agreed targets? We are happy to support you and offer the following services, among others:

  • Team building within 24h
  • Support of your own team
  • Support of your suppliers
  • On request: Takeover of the project management
  • On request: Interaction, especially when the fronts are already hardened
Our emergency service also includes a contact person who you can reach outside our normal office hours and who will be at your side until the problem is solved.

Design and construction
Many people think of the appearance when designing a product, but we understand it much more as the entirety of a product, which includes features such as a well thought-out board layout, an intelligent construction with a functional housing, up to a maintenance-friendly design and user-friendly operation. Only when the appearance appears to be all of a piece, we speak of a successful design.

Prototyping and manufacturing
Prototypes, small quantities up to series production, including shipping, customs clearance and spare parts management.

Fair prices
Due to our lean organisation you get maximum commitment for your money. Due to an efficient administration, the owner-managed company structure and an independent working method of the developers with a flat hierarchy, you receive your result not only faster and cheaper, but also qualitatively at the highest level.

Relaxation included
You can relax and concentrate on your core competencies - we will take care of your project and keep you up to date so that you are constantly informed about the progress of the project. Customers appreciate our independent way of working and lean project management with focus on the essentials. We prepare important decisions, show you the best options and then consult you in a time-saving manner to help you make your decision.

All services under one roof

We offer a wide range of services and technologies under one roof. Since we are manufacturers ourselves, we focus on developing practical solutions. This includes long-term availability of components, fast production start-ups, ease of maintenance and perfect and simple operation for the end customer, so that high support costs do not even arise. Every one of our employees has internalized this way of thinking, which is why we make sure that these values are already adhered to during the first design draft of new products. For you this means: More performance and flexibility with a competent partner at your side.

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