Installation of SuperSense GasCheck

The installation of a SuperSense GasCheck sensor is very easy and can be done in a few steps.

  1. Removal of a possibly existing fuel gauge
    If an existing fuel gauge is fitted, it can be removed by loosening the two small screws. Since there is no mechanical connection to the inside of the tank, the disassembly can also be carried out with a filled tank. Please pay attention to this, not to loosen the four big screws. If necessary, consult the manufacturer's instructions for your tank if you are not sure.

  2. Mounting the GasCheck sensor head
    The SuperSense GasCheck sensor head is mounted in the same place where the fuel gauge was before and fixed with the original screws. Note: There is a notch on the sensor head, please note that this notch must be in the same place as on the original fuel gauge.

  3. Connecting the cable from the GasCheck control box
    Connect the supplied connection cable to the intended connection and attach the protective sleeve so that the connection is resistant to weather conditions.

  4. Settings on the app
    For the wired version:
    If you are already using the app (e.g. with the SuperSense Bluetooth box), simply plug the cable of the GasCheck control box into a free port of the Bluetooth box. The tank will then automatically appear as an additional tank in your app and can be freely configured.

    For the wireless version:
    If you are using our sensor "SS-GC-XX-W", i.e. in the wireless version, then connect the power supply with the supplied cable and use the device management within the SuperSense app to connect the device.

    In the tank settings you can now select "Gas Tank" as tank type and customize it according to your personal needs.

General notes:

  • SuperSense always calculates in a logic range of 0 - 100% (and not 5 - 80% like standard fuel gauges). That means:
  • In SuperSense 0% = empty tank and 100% = maximum filling. Example: If you have a 120 litre gas tank, it can usually only be filled to 80%, i.e. 96 litres. These 96 litres correspond in the "SuperSense logic" to 100%, i.e. "full". In the app, this value (96 liters) must also be entered for the fill level and not 120 liters.


  • SuperSense GasCheck is factory calibrated and does not need to be adapted to the tank. Do not change the calibration of the sensors without good reason.