Mounting type B: Directly in (drain) pipe

The level can be measured directly in the bottom area of the tank instead of from above. This offers advantages, especially in series production, as fewer moving parts are used and maintenance friendliness is increased.

The following components are required for integration:

  • SuperSense level sensor
  • Article SS-PIPE-AS-63 (for 63mm pipes) or article SS-PIPE-AS-40 (for 40mm pipes)

The installation takes place in a few steps:

1.) Inserting the sealing ring supplied

The sealing ring is easy to insert and then holds by itself through the fixing lugs.

2.) Mounting the holder

Mount the bracket with the screws and nuts supplied. Make sure that the holder is firmly seated around the pipe and cannot be moved.

3.) Drill a hole for the sensor

Drill a hole exactly in the middle with a diameter of at least 10mm. Any drilling dust that may have accumulated can later be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

4.) Attach the sealing ring, the plug nipple and screw in the sensor

Ensure that the sensor is correctly seated. A Teflon tape can be used instead of the sealing rubber. Please seek professional advice if you do not have sufficient expertise in mounting the corresponding components.

As an alternative to the mounting bracket, the article "SS-PIPE-4" (fitting incl. matching plug nipple) can also be used for direct bonding.

Important notes:

  • During emptying, a pressure drop may occur so that the level is not displayed correctly during the emptying process. As soon as the emptying is completed ("tap closed"), the correct level is displayed again.
  • For fresh water: If the sensor is installed in the immediate vicinity of the water pump, a pressure loss can also occur during water withdrawal, so that the level may be displayed incorrectly during this period. Therefore it must be ensured that the fresh water pump is mounted at a sufficient distance from the sensor pressure line. Normally a distance of approx. 20cm is sufficient.
  • Make sure that the outer housing of the sensor is protected against moisture. Only use the sensor indoors.