SuperSense level sensor

Single sensor kit, for universal installation in tanks up to 75cm height.
Item no.: SS-FLS-2100W-KIT-75

SuperSense level sensor

The SuperSense Kit includes all components to detect a tank with a height of up to 75cm and to visualize it via Bluetooth on the SuperSense App. The installation is simple and quickly done. For operation, only a power supply of 10 - 30V DC is required.

  • Simple installation
  • Works with fresh, grey or black water
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth to the SuperSense App
  • Several sensors can be operated simultaneously
  • Remote access to the SuperSense app possible

Item no.: SS-FLS-2100W-KIT-75

All data under laboratory conditions. In practice, deviations in the measuring procedure may occur, e.g. due to manufacturing tolerances of the tank manufacturer, inclination of the vehicle or other factors. The lowest area of the tank can technically only be detected as soon as the water reaches or encompasses the lower area of the sensor hose. The housing side outside the tank must be protected against moisture (IP30). For water resistant applications we recommend our model series SuperSense Solid.


  • SuperSense level sensor
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