Samsung with Android 10 - Fixing connection problems


This only affects SuperSense app users with a Samsung smartphone and Android 10 installed.

Not affected are devices from other manufacturers and Samsung devices with Android 9.

What's the problem?
The SuperSense App uses "Bluetooth Low Energy" (BLE) for communication, which is a particularly power-saving Bluetooth variant. However, during the last operating system update from Samsung, significant changes were made to BLE, causing connection problems for some devices. These problems occur with many BLE devices and this problem is already being discussed in the developer forums of Samsung. We expect the manufacturer Samsung to prepare a new update and distribute it in the future.

At the same time, our app team is currently working on a solution that will also lead to the goal independent of the Samsung update, as from today's perspective it is not possible to say when and if Samsung will deliver a corresponding update. As soon as an update of our SuperSense app is available, it will be distributed via the app stores.

Until then, we recommend the following workaround, which usually eliminates the problems:

1.) In your smartphone, open the settings

2.) Select "Apps" from the menu

3.) Open the menu with the three items

4.) Select "Display system applications

5.) Now use the search there

6.) Type "Bluetooth" in the search field, then select "Bluetooth" from the list

7.) Select "Memory

8.) Now press first on "Empty Cache" (1) and then on "Delete Data" (2)

9.) Confirm the information message with "OK

10.) Check whether "0 B" is displayed for "Cache" and "Data" and then restart the phone

This workaround helps to solve the connection problem in many cases.

We assume that Samsung will release an update that will permanently eliminate these problems.

For individual inquiries please use the following support address:

Thanks a lot!