Calibrate tanks with special shape

For tanks with a linear shape, e.g. rectangular tanks, the fill level increases as a percentage of the tank height. In our example, both tanks have a volume of 200 litres and 100 litres are filled in each.

Linear tank shapeSpecial form

With the linear tank, the fill level is at half the tank height. In the case of the tank with the special shape, the filling level is clearly different from half the tank height.

With conventional level measurements, there is a deviation in the measurement process. In order to compensate for this deviation, there is a possibility in the SuperSense app to perfectly adjust special shapes in tanks. How this works is explained here:

  1. First install and calibrate the sensor according to the installation instructions.
  2. In the app, open the tank menu with the three dots and select "Edit".

  3. At the very bottom of the menu there is the menu item "Calibrate tank shape".

  4. Follow the instructions of the wizard.