Setup of the app in connection with the SuperSense Scale

Please read the following article first to install the SuperSense Scale:

Installation and mounting of the SuperSense Scale

After reading this article, you can (if you haven't already done so) download the SuperSense app from Google Play or the Apple AppStore. Open the app and add one or more scales via the device management and make the following settings:

1.) Assign the device for measuring gas cylinders:


2.) Setting the tare weight

Now the tare weight (empty weight) of your gas cylinder must be adjusted. This value is printed on each gas cylinder and can be stored. Please add the weight of your gas connection to the tare weight, in most cases this is about 500 grams.

3. optional settings

The other settings are optional, e.g. an average value for the gas consumption for cooking and heating can be stored to enable a calculation of the available gas quantity. The other settings are self-explanatory and can be adjusted individually.

The last item "Sensor reaction time" influences the responsiveness of the sensor. By default this is "live", i.e. changes are displayed immediately. In some situations a smoothing is more suitable, e.g. if there is a movement (e.g. at sea or while sailing), in this case the reaction time can be set slower, so that an average value is calculated within the last few seconds. If you pull the slider all the way to the left, the maximum time (average value of the last 60 seconds) is set.