Our markets

Who needs solutions from COMWORKS?

COMWORKS develops and produces solutions, mainly for niche markets and for markets with special requirements.
The basis for this is our modular hardware and software solutions, which can be adapted to a wide range of industries. This enables us to define, develop and deliver individual solutions together with the manufacturer in a very short time.

Business model

We develop proof-of-concepts of modern, technologically advanced solutions and entertainment systems on our own and/or at the customer's request. These proof-of-concepts are tested in the field together with our customers and are further developed and transferred into a series solution. This offers our customers many advantages, such as very fast availability of new technologies, low prices and as a result a perfectly customized solution.

Industries & markets we have already worked for, and technologies we have developed:

automotive sector

The market for professional infotainment systems is currently dominated by the large car manufacturers with their high volumes. These systems have very special requirements and are usually tailored by the suppliers exactly to a vehicle model without any expansion possibilities. The situation is further complicated by the fact that these systems are distributed over many islands, i.e. there are many different "black boxes" which only offer the desired solution when used together. Furthermore, very long development cycles often mean that new trends are implemented with a delay or cannot be taken into account at all. Smaller manufacturers of vehicles in a low to medium 5-digit number often do not have the possibility and the means to develop their own infotainment solution and must therefore fall back on standard components or many isolated solutions. These heterogeneous components very often have only short delivery times, which makes long-term planning difficult for the manufacturers, and their range of functions often represents only a compromise solution in the overall vehicle concept.

What is so special about our infotainment solutions?
We supply complete infotainment solutions from quantity 1 up to medium series in the 4 and 5 digit range. Delivery time / availability as well as individual wishes are defined together with the customer. We provide support for approvals, initial integrations and with our "foresight" we give our customers the necessary impulses at the right time and accompany this innovative and fast moving market so that our customers can concentrate on their core competence.

On the basis of our infotainment platforms, we can also integrate our own customer-specific technologies to set ourselves apart from the competition. For this purpose we offer various possibilities in the form of customer-specific hardware modules as well as a programming interface (API) for the realization of own applications.

Industrial division

In the industrial environment, the requirements are similarly stringent as in the automotive environment. This includes hardware that still functions perfectly under extreme conditions as well as highly available software, including the associated service. COMWORKS develops & produces customized solutions according to your specifications. Benefit from our extensive know-how and the very fast implementation of your projects, without long start-up times.

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