About us

COMWORKS develops and produces complete electronic solutions. We have specialised in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our systems are characterized by very high performance and can handle a large number of processes simultaneously.

COMWORKS offers hardware and software solutions from a single source. Thanks to our extensive know-how and a large number of completed projects, we are able to react very quickly to your inquiries, develop, produce and support the required solution. We produce solutions for small to medium series.

Our company adheres to the following guidelines or attributes:

  • Owner-managed company structure with a flat hierarchy.
  • Independence in legal, technological and financial terms.
  • Decisions are made independently and quickly.
  • Growth on an organic, sustainable basis instead of a rapid expansion policy.
  • We rely exclusively on highly qualified staff and maintain a family atmosphere with each other.
  • Products with higher performance, better features and more valuable materials are prioritized over products with a high-volume character.

For our customers this means that they can count on us as a permanent and reliable partner. We are 100% self-financed and can always offer you the best solution "completely free". We have been working for our customers since 2002. In our industry the number of companies with similar attributes is very clear.

Our company history