Premium motorhomes

The COMWORKS infotainment system of the first generation is used in various premium motorhomes.
These include the CIS central unit, the 9" touchscreen display and a satellite TV system. Optionally, reception of the TV signal can also be established additionally via a diversity DVB-T module integrated in the CIS.

The CIS offers the motor home driver many comfort functions, including 3D navigation with truck attributes, a diversity FM radio receiver with automatic station list, a rear view camera and remote control options via smartphone or tablet.

Further highlights are the integrated media server with fixed memory for networking TV sets, the WLAN hotspot function and the DAB+ digital radio.

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Route planning

Route planning, conveniently from home.

Hands-free operation

Pair several devices with the hands-free car kit.


Find parking spaces, Europe-wide.

Media management

A central media management.

Quick route calculation

The CIS makes driving a large motorhome child's play. It knows every bridge, every tunnel and every alley. Whether the vehicle fits through is already calculated at the start of the journey. Every route change is recalculated in seconds, regardless of whether there are hundreds of kilometres to go or the destination is in the immediate vicinity.

Gone are the days when the driver took a wrong turn and suddenly found himself in the pedestrian zone of a metropolis. The CIS has abolished the hourglass!

A comprehensive multimedia package

CIS is a true multi-talent in the field of media. Music and videos stored on the main unit can be listened to and viewed on the large touch screen and connected TV sets. Simultaneous playback of different files is also no problem.
Radio and TV reception, as well as online content such as YouTube videos, ensure variety during your holiday. A smartphone can also be connected via wireless technologies.