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Be different!

"Be different" is the DNA of our work.

Not to think differently, but to be different.
Many companies claim to be special or to be able to deliver extraordinary products. According to this, the markets would only be flooded with innovative companies, but if you look at the reality, it presents a truly different picture. Many of the self-proclaimed innovative companies use existing technology and sell it to the customer together with a service package, often as "own" solution.

COMWORKS is different. We start at the lowest level of the value chain and develop next generation technology in-house. This creates independence and enables us to offer you the latest and best technology, often years before it is available elsewhere in the market.

Our 3 pillars of stability

Although we are a pure technology company - or for that very reason - two of our basic pillars are non-technical in nature. This distinguishes us from many other technology companies in our size. Because despite all our enthusiasm for electronics, we want to offer our customers a solid, commercially perfectly organized basis. With a commercial team that understands your business, your head is kept clear for great projects, with a reliable and long-term approach.
Joseph Stuffer

Josef Stuffer - founder of COMWORKS and architect of our products
Born in the early 80s, Josef has witnessed the development of today's Internet. Starting in the mailbox & phreaking scene of that time and later as an Internet user from the very beginning, Josef was involved early on in the development of the first online communities. As a student Josef was active in the 90s for almost 2 years with a self-built FM radio station with changing broadcast times. The last broadcast was at the same time the initial spark for his later, professional orientation. After his apprenticeship at Deutsche Telekom AG in Munich, he became self-employed at the age of 20 and laid the foundation for today's COMWORKS in 2002.
Areas of responsibility: Management, Development & Design, Sales.

"My job is literally a vocation and together with my development team we will always strive for the best technology and make sure that it is usable for our customers. Crossing boundaries is part of the program."

Stefan Roth

Stefan Roth - Manages our internal processes and coordinates the service
Growing up in his parents' company, the graduate in business administration knew early on how important well-coordinated processes are in companies. As the right hand of the management and responsible for our administration, the multi-talented man also coordinates the Service & Support department. With his practice-oriented suggestions, Stefan is also a welcome addition to the development team and is usually the first to test new products in the role of "end user". As a passionate sailor with his own ship, the native of Hamburg spends his free time with his wife and 3 children on the "Bavarian Sea", Lake Chiemsee, where, among other things, he gets his foresight with a focus on the essentials.
Areas of responsibility: Management Assistant, Administration & Support, Purchasing.

"As the link between the internal processes and our customers and suppliers, I ensure that everything runs smoothly on both sides."

August Bussian

August Bussian - Financial Controlling, Business Development
As a former senior employee of the world's largest software company, August was instrumental in the launch of internationally known products. The American, whose guiding principle is "I love Numbers", found his way to COMWORKS in 2012 and has since then accompanied us in the area of the company's financial strategic orientation. After his time with major international companies, August decided to bring his expertise and wealth of experience to COMWORKS. He lives with his family in Chiemgau, enjoys nature and is a great friend of local value creation.
Areas of responsibility: Financial Controlling & Strategy, Business Development.

"Working at COMWORKS is really exciting. I like the flair of a start-up with the combination of a professional, organized company with a clear direction. COMWORKS offers much more innovation than the most Companys of this world and I'll help to reach the next level!

Our mission

We believe that the best technology can only be created in minds that can pursue their vocation undisturbed and without limits. We believe that external influence, for example from banks, would stifle any creativity at its core.

We are convinced that many people are longing for high-quality electronic products as they were once produced and supplied by many (especially German) traditional companies when they were still owner-managed - and thus without external influence. Every day we work with passion to provide you with products and services of the highest quality. We love and live the breath of exclusivity, we leave mass production to others.

What we do, we do properly, and therefore, no compromises in terms of product quality are out of the question for us. We are not the ones who produce the largest quantities but the ones who provide the highest performance and quality.

As a financially and technologically independent company, we have the possibility but also the responsibility to decide freely on our actions. Essential elements of this are:

  • We want to make our customers' lives more comfortable
  • We want to make our customers successful
  • We consider it a matter of course to create regional value
  • We always treat our customers and suppliers with respect and discretion

Our culture of value creation

Freedom. Taking the right to be creative. The freedom to design a product or service in such a way that it creates added value with sustainable benefits for the customer. We do not adhere to rigid rules, we prefer to work in an agile and creative way, what counts in the end is the result and the time of delivery. Until the time comes, we constantly question whether we are on the right track and make immediate corrections if necessary.

Everyone pulls together: When we develop a product or provide a service, it is always the task of the entire team. We always solve the challenges we face together.

The customers of COMWORKS

In addition to large, internationally known companies, small and medium-sized enterprises are also among our customers. As different as the size of the companies may be, our customers have one thing in common: They do not let themselves be pressed into a certain scheme, but have their own, very special ideas. We are very pleased to be able to support you on your further way. COMWORKS consists of a team of experts who are able to push your visions to the limit.
We do not question the wishes of our customers. We research them.

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