Made in Rosenheim

Local production
We appreciate the advantages of local production. That is why we have the majority of our hardware produced in Germany - more precisely in the Munich area. Short communication channels allow us a high degree of flexibility as well as quality controls and ensure constant further development with fast reaction times. By the way, the final assembly of our systems takes place directly on site in Rosenheim.

Software development
Design, development and quality assurance of our software is an essential component to ensure highly available systems. Therefore, all our core developments are developed at our Rosenheim site. Professional development environments, daily team meetings as well as quality testing processes help us to achieve this. For outsourced projects, we use, among other things, the excellent network of automotive developers in the greater Munich area. In addition, COMWORKS has a globally active network of embedded software experts, carefully built up over a decade.

Quality assurance
In order to meet customer requirements as well as our internal rules and specifications, we have established our own systems and methods for quality assurance and control. Consistent application of these, as well as complete documentation, ensures that we deliver high quality solutions. During development and production, our quality assurance staff accompany the entire process from the first component to the product ready for series production.

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