CIS - The COMWORKS Infotainment Server

Our infotainment solution is easy to integrate. You have all important functions in a single unit - highly available and more powerful than other solutions available on the market. Flexibly adaptable to many industries, with CIS you can bring every vehicle up to the latest infotainment standards with a minimum of effort. The CIS is a basic modular system that can be adapted to your individual needs and results in a stand-alone product.

Overview of services

flexible storage

Adaptable according to the application.

automotive connectors

Firm hold with the highest demands.

expanded temperature range

Despite passive cooling, the CIS always keeps a cool head.

high computing capacity

Even many simultaneous tasks are no problem.

A central unit

The CIS Infotainment Server combines all individual components from the fields of entertainment, comfort and automation in one device.
The connection side accommodates all connections in a compact space-saving manner.
Automotive connectors ensure a secure hold and simple assembly.

Like a modular system, the CIS Infotainment Server can be configured to suit your industry. Click on the categories to obtain detailed information on the possible options:

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