The complete solution. Made to measure.

State-of-the-art, digital HD video technology with 180° capture. No configuration necessary. Ready for immediate use. Hardware and software that are seamlessly coordinated open up completely new possibilities. EAGLECAM consists of a set of tools to derive your individual camera solution. Both the hardware, i.e. the housing of the camera, and the software can be adapted according to your specifications and wishes.

Figure shows cameras with control unit.

Immediately ready for use, without complex installation.
Stores all data locally and securely protected.
High quality, durable and resistant.
Always in the picture, even on the road.

So much technology. So small packed.

Hard to believe that so much technology fits into such a small housing. With an edge length of just 47x47mm, not only does it accommodate a latest-generation digital image sensor, a processor - which optimizes images in the camera module - and an industry-leading night vision solution, but in addition to its compact design, the EAGLECAM is also incredibly powerful.

EAGLECAM Standard cameras

Highly luminous optics with 180° detection

Make no more compromises and get the complete overview. The optical head of EAGLECAM sees 180 degrees and thus more than many other solutions. Furthermore we use high quality glass optics instead of plastic optics as used by almost all manufacturers. Thus we achieve that more brightness can be achieved with a smaller size.

Impressive night vision

A spectacular night vision - just like the design of the EAGLECAM. EAGLECAM uses only 2 infrared LED's, which not only outperform conventional systems with usually 24 to 48 LEDs, but even had to be reduced in your line to meet legal requirements.
EAGLECAM uses the latest high performance infrared technology and provides a fantastic night vision experience with full 180° illumination.
The constant digital monitoring of the ambient light ensures that the infrared illumination is only activated when it is needed.

Built for performance. MOREEYE DNA inside.

To design powerful systems so simply, it takes truly advanced technologies. EAGLECAM is based on the advanced video analysis technology MOREEYE, which combines multicore CPUs, GPUs, video streams and analysis tools with fast flash memory. Only in this way is it possible not only to record up to 8 HD streams, but to analyze them completely without reducing the overall performance of the system. MOREEYE is available exclusively for EAGLECAM.


Simple software

The intuitive software, which has been specially developed for EAGLECAM from scratch, can be operated from anywhere. Whether within your local network, from an external location or on the road via tablet or smartphone. The software runs directly in your EAGLECAM base station, no installation is necessary.

Large, integrated memory

EAGLECAM systems use state-of-the-art flash memory instead of conventional and error-prone hard disks. This means super fast read and write speeds - so that up to 8 HD streams can be processed in parallel and at the same time a smooth operation of the entire system is guaranteed.

128gb 256gb 512gb 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks

Solid Metal Body

The EAGLECAM body is milled from a single piece of aluminim, which, in addition to the extraordinary design, gives it additional features such as the almost indestructible body, an excellent thermal distribution and the extremely compact design, which is unique for high-resolution cameras in this class.


-30°C +55°C

A sharp picture at any temperature

Summer and winter - inside and outside: Always ready for use thanks to robust electronics that cover temperature ranges from -30°C to +55°C Your EAGLECAM thus becomes a highly available camera system you can rely on in all weather conditions.

Best quality. Highest vertical range of manufacture.

Developed and produced in Germany, more precisely in the greater Munich area. Through our many years of know-how and the use of leading technologies, EAGLECAM systems offer superior quality, durability and innovation with a focus on the things that really matter. Experienced product designers and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes are the basis for this advanced product.

A vertical range of manufacture, which includes not only the development and design but also the further value chain, starting with the production of the circuit boards up to the final dispatch via direct sales, guarantees not only an excellent price / performance ratio, but also enables individualizations, which conventional sales structures can only offer with difficulty.

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