SuperSense Solid.

  • For rough outdoor use and for fuel tanks.
  • Works internally with the same, over 10,000 times proven SuperSense 2 chipset.
  • Combines precision with maximum robustness.
SuperSense Solid is the robust version of our level sensors. Technologically equipped with the same precision, the Solid version has additional features to meet even the highest demands.

Measurement of almost all liquids.

  • Perfect for diesel fuels.
  • High resistance to chemicals.
  • Works reliably, even under the most adverse conditions.

Exact result through more measuring points.

As an example on a standard tank, you can see the accuracy in comparison:

4x 35x 350x Standard Ultrasound SuperSense

Fits everywhere.

Whether series integration or retrofitting, with a maximum edge length of just 80mm and an installation height of less than 30mm, the sensor can be installed anywhere. The fully digital measuring system of the latest generation is embedded within the housing and is effectively protected against external weather influences on an IP67 basis.

-30°C +85°C

Uncompromising. Outdoorsy.

Built for harsh environments and at the same time highly precise in function. With available temperature ranges from -30°C to +85°C and an operating range up to 5,000 meters above sea level, this sensor is suitable for a very wide range of applications.

Wide voltage range

From 5 - 30V DC and very energy saving.

Protection against pollution

Perfect measurement in harsh environments.

Oil and fuel resistant

Suitable for measuring diesel fuels.

Fast, worldwide shipping

Production and warehousing in Germany.

Simple installation. Many applications.

SuperSense was designed for use directly from the factory and for retrofitting. retrofit. For manufacturers, the sensor can be adapted to almost all tank shapes and tank types.

Comparison matrix

SuperSense SuperSense Solid
Measuring range Millimeter range Millimeter range
Max. fill level 750mm 750mm
Power consumption 5mA 5mA
Measuring interval 1 millisecond 1 millisecond
Response time after start 0.5 seconds 0.5 seconds
Dust proof -
Splashproof - IP67
Extended temperature range -
Outdoor use -
Optimized for diesel tanks -

All data under laboratory conditions. In practice, deviations in the measuring procedure may occur, e.g. due to manufacturing tolerances of the tank manufacturer, inclination of the vehicle or other factors. The lowest area of the tank can technically only be detected as soon as the water reaches or encompasses the lower area of the sensor hose. Please also note that the sensors are a precise measuring instrument that must not be overloaded, e.g. by putting the tank under additional pressure. If not explicitly stated, tanks must always be vented and pressure-free.

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