Game Changer. For 20 years.

For 20 years COMWORKS has already been in the market with innovative products, always with the clear claim to develop more powerful and superior products. Always keeping our finger on the pulse of time and thus releasing the right product at the right time as well as constantly reinventing ourselves - this describes our work. That is why our demanding clientele decides to trust in solutions from COMWORKS for many years.

Come with us on a short journey through time and gain insight into the COMWORKS company, from its beginnings to the present day.

  • 2002
  • The foundation


    The foundation of today's COMWORKS as a sole proprietorship by Josef Stuffer dates back to the year 2002, when the first online-capable infotainment units were offered, at that time exclusively in the premium automotive sector. The foundation took place in the parental home, a holiday apartment was converted into a "company building".

  • The first product

    Online capable infotainment system for cars with colored 7-inch touchscreen.

    • Former name: "ITS Car Multimedia System" Show picture
    • 3D navigation from the bird's eye view, at that time pure 2D navigation systems were still standard for a long time
    • Integrated e-mail client with text-to-speech
    • Data connection via GSM modem

  • 2003
  • The early years

    2003 - 2005

    The infotainment systems have been continuously further developed. A redesign in CAD was carried out. Instead of bought-in parts, the first circuit boards were developed in-house.

    • Development of the CPS2400 system Show picture
    • Numerous CPS2400 integrations in various vehicles
    • Online and partner sales of the CPS2400 systems

    2003 - 2005
  • 2006
  • The following years

    2006 - 2010

    Own premises were urgently needed, a suitable property was quickly found and the move was completed by 2007. A further infotainment system was added to the product range.

    • Renewal of the CPS2400 systems with current hardware
    • The CPS2400 systems are equipped with a hotspot function and can be controlled remotely.
    • Extension of the product portfolio by the CPS2400-CE system with reduced computing power at a lower price
    • Start of development on the CIS system, the successor of the CPS2400 system.

    2006 - 2010
  • 2011
  • Change of company name and new move


    Due to the increase in the number of employees, new premises had to be moved into. Furthermore, the sole proprietorship was converted into a limited liability company. For strategic reasons, a property near the Rosenheim train station was sought in order to gain better access to new employees from both Munich and Salzburg.

    • Occupation of an object with 700 sqm, incl. own production hall
      Show picture
    • Free motorhome parking spaces for our customers

  • Completion of our FM / DAB+ module


    Just in time for the launch of the digital radio DAB+, COMWORKS has developed a combined FM / DAB+ radio module. The system, which was specially developed for the automotive environment, is characterized by excellent reception characteristics, which were achieved by the Phase Diversity System, also developed by COMWORKS.

    • One of the world's first digital radio solutions with DAB+, 2x FM, manufactured according to automotive standards.
    • Was integrated as standard in our infotainment platform CIS.

  • Presentation of the CIS at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf


    Our infotainment platform CIS was presented for the first time in the premium class of motorhomes at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. There we were able to demonstrate the impressive performance of the system, namely the ability to control a multitude of devices and components effortlessly in parallel.

    • Presentation of the CIS system at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf Product video
    • Entry into the motorhome industry and supply of motorhome manufacturers in the luxury segment.

  • 2012
  • Winning various automobile manufacturers as customers


    Thanks to an innovative product strategy and the development team behind it, the company has succeeded in winning over various automobile manufacturers as customers. Since then, we have successfully implemented numerous projects, mostly in the field of concept and design, as well as internal technology solutions ("seat boxes").

    • Supply of well-known automobile manufacturers, predominantly premium models, in the concept area
    • Developing a range of technologies for the concept area
    • Expansion of the product portfolio to include display controllers, primarily for automotive displays and head-up displays (HUD)

  • Purchase of CoreFront HMI

    By purchasing the source code and developing it into the current CoreFront HMI, COMWORKS has secured access to this technology, which is very important in our industry. CoreFront is a flexible HMI solution and was created especially for the automotive and multimedia industry.

    • Purchase of the source code incl. worldwide marketing rights and European exclusivity
    • Maximum flexibility through well thought-out concept, incl. plugin extensions Show image

  • BMW Concept Active Tourer - Implementation of the electronic scopes

    BMW commissioned COMWORKS to realize an overall concept for the new concept vehicle, the BMW Active Tourer. The hardware was implemented using the CIS modular system, while CoreFront was used as the software for controlling the entire vehicle.

    • Development of the BMW Concept Active Tourer infotainment system based on our CIS platform product video
    • Development of a control unit for the original BMW displays
    • Development of a control unit for the BMW Combiner Head-up Display
    • Control of the electrochromatic headliner and development of a touch sensor field
    • Development and delivery of all interior LED components
    • Control of front and rear lights
    • Integration and connection of iPads as rear-seat entertainment (RSE)
    • Development of an app for remote operation of the vehicle
    • The worldwide presentation took place at the Auto Salon in Paris Product video

  • Start of CIS series production

    At the new Rosenheim site, production of the CIS was started. In addition to production and quality assurance, the logistics and spare parts management division is also being established.

    • Start of serial production of CIS Show picture
    • Start of CIS accessory production, such as individual cable harnesses

  • 2013
  • up and down


    The year 2013 was an eventful year in many respects. After intensive preparatory work, COMWORKS was able to secure a major order - the largest in the company's history. At the same time, the company experienced a crisis in the same year, which later became the basis for a complete reorientation.

  • winning a major contract

    After one year of intensive preparatory work, COMWORKS was able to secure a major order in the clear 2-digit million range. This order required the complete attention of our team. The entire team was then involved in this order. COMWORKS was commissioned to create an electronic operating concept, develop the hardware and then deliver it. Initially, a delivery period of 5 years was agreed.

    • Winning a major order in the clear 2-digit million range (cumulated over 5 years)
    • Fulfilment of all milestones required by the customer - to his complete satisfaction.
    • Implementation of training courses for the respective specialist departments of the manufacturer
    • Presentation of first functional prototypes

  • Expansion of our capacities

    In order to be able to cope with the project with the appropriate resources in the future, extensions were made.

    • Expansion of the company wing by a further 300 sqm to a total of 1000 sqm.
    • Expansion of the development team

  • 3D Wrap Arround System

    The development of a new type of 3D camera system has been launched. In contrast to conventional surround parking systems that work from a bird's eye view, the COMWORKS 3D Wrap Around System is a virtual environment that is calculated using 4x 190° cameras. The driver can select a virtual camera position at will. Due to the high degree of innovation, this project was funded by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Energy.

    COMWORKS was a pioneer in this field and the first company in the world to develop and supply 3D parking system technology as an OEM and aftersales solution. At that time, normal parking distance systems with ultrasound and a normal "distance display" were still state of the art. Our solution was successfully sold to one of the best car manufacturers in the world and is used millions of times today.

  • Completion of the first CIS 2 prototype

    In the same year the first CIS 2 prototype was completed. This formed the basis for the development of the next infotainment platform to meet future requirements.

    • Start of optimization work on the CIS 2 prototype Show picture
    • Fully modular hardware design
    • Integrated 8-channel audio system demonstration
    • Embedded Sim and therefore online by default
    • Input for digital HD cameras, including power supply via a single cable
  • Loss of the major contract

    Surprisingly for us, the major order was suddenly cancelled shortly after the changes in the management board of our client's parent company. Legal clauses allowed our client to withdraw.

    The high sums required to maintain the location and personnel became a major challenge. A search for investors within a few weeks was not crowned with success, so that it became clear that a reorientation would be necessary.

    • Unexpected loss of the major order and thus:
    • loss of our main source of income
    • Show reaching the valley-of-death image
    • Despite a takeover bid for the company, we decided against a sale and for a new start under our own steam
    • Establishment of a task force for the forthcoming restructuring
  • 2014
  • Company reboot!


    COMWORKS used the opportunity to completely reposition itself in the course of a transferred restructuring. The development, production and administration departments were each distributed to their own locations. During the entire reorganisation, telephone numbers were switched and availability and support for our customers were guaranteed without interruption. Therefore, this process was transparent and without restrictions for our customers, suppliers and partners.

    • New foundation of the COMWORKS CORE GmbH
    • Acquisition of all patents / IP / trademark rights of the previous COMWORKS GmbH
    • Capitalization of the company from its own resources, thereby:
    • Creation of financial independence
    • Establishing a clear internal guideline for the equal weighting of new orders
    • sealing off the development department from third parties, to better protect our intellectual property
    • Concentration on the development of a few, but particularly innovative products
    • Full support without restrictions for our customers

  • 2015
  • Start of new developments and additions to our portfolio


    This year was entirely due to the developments and ended towards the end of the year with the completion of the first, new product: AUDIOTWISTER. We have also added a portfolio of services to our range.

    • Extension of the range of services and consulting, thereby:
    • Acquisition of interesting new customers
    • Completion of the development of AUDIOTWISTER
    • Consistent rebuilding of the staff

  • 2016
  • High resonance of the new product world


    The year 2016 got off to a successful start with the presentation and thus official launch of AUDIOTWISTER. Due to the positive media response, COMWORKS decided to additionally spin off AUDIOTWISTER for end users. For this purpose the portal was launched.

    • Show presentation of AUDIOTWISTER Press release
    • Publication of
    • Investment in new distribution channels
    • Presentation of the new Caravan-Series System, especially for motorhomes
    • Revision of the AUDIOTWISTER website for multilingualism
    • Start of development work on further products

  • 2017
  • Expansion of the portfolio


    Our product portfolio has been expanded and there are new products in the audio and motorhome technology sectors.

    • The new AUDIOTWISTER Club-Series system is presented
    • The AUDIOTWISTER Player is introduced
    • The SuperSense level sensors, mainly for use in the motorhome sector, were completed.
    • Our video solution EAGLECAM, is presented
    • Start of series production of SuperSense.
    • Introduction of SuperSense Industry - the industrial version of SuperSense.

  • 2018
  • The SuperSense app and other accessories


    The portfolio for our product area SuperSense has been expanded. There is now a dedicated display, a Bluetooth box as well as a completely new app for the visualization of filling levels.

    • The SuperSense display for the autonomous operation of our level sensors
    • The SuperSense Bluetooth box was completed.
    • The SuperSense App is available as an app solution.

  • 2019
  • Expansion of the sensor technology department


    In 2019, our sensor technology department in particular was greatly expanded, thus complementing the SuperSense portfolio.

    • SuperSense Solid is presented as the successor system to SuperSense Industry.
    • The SuperSense app is enhanced with many new features. Among other things, the app is prepared for the level measurement of gas tanks.
    • With the new SuperSense GasCheck solution, detecting the gas level becomes child's play.
    • All sensors get an optional wireless function and can now also communicate standalone with the app.
    • Various OEM solutions are developed and supplied behind the curtain of the public.

  • New products and solutions


    Expansion of the product range as well as worldwide access to the sensors with the SuperSense Portal.

  • Expansion of the software division


    In 2021, the course was set for the expansion of the software division.

    • With the DigiCamper portal, a digital offer was created especially for campers.
    • Development of the native DigiCamper apps for iOS and Android.

  • Getting started with geo-based solutions


    DigiCamper Radar creates a geo-based solution with many possibilities.

    • The new application Radar allows searching and finding places, especially for campers.
    • With the Radar Live function, campers can share their position live with others.

  • Expansion of the community features


    Due to the steady growth of hardware customers, our community portals have been significantly expanded, in particular DigiCamper now has a lot of functions to offer, such as:

    • New: The travel book for documenting trips
    • New: With Trips, trips can be planned and navigated in no time at all.
    • New: DigiCamper groups allow you to create your own communities.
    • New version of Radar with 3D Streetview function.

    Of course, all functions are available via the DigiCamper app and are optimally networked with the hardware products.

  • Surprise, surprise...


    More information later in the year....


Current status and next steps

COMWORKS is a solid company with an equity ratio of 100% and an outstanding development team, and is more than ever committed to serving our customers. We focus on organic growth, without the help of banks or other capital providers. This provides us with the independence that you as a customer, but also we as a manufacturer and service provider, consider necessary in order to follow our ideals and not to have to give them up in favour of profit maximisation.

On our own behalf

We are convinced of what we do and go our own way. We have learned from temporary cuts and have used these opportunities to optimize our business processes. We are proud that our customers, suppliers and partners have remained loyal to us over such a long period of time. Probably not the only points, but certainly these facts play an essential role in this:

  • From 2002 until today we have always delivered on time, without interruption and always at agreed terms.
  • For 20 years we have been available under the same telephone numbers, with the same contact persons.
  • COMWORKS has a 20-year reputation for delivering promised services to complete customer satisfaction.
  • We are an owner-managed company that maintains a customer relationship model based on values.
  • COMWORKS is independent and free.

Be different!