SuperSense. Delivers precise measurement results.

  • Precise measurement.
  • Display optionally via App.
  • Adaptable to all tank sizes at the touch of a button.

SuperSense is a level sensor which has a very high precision. precision. With SuperSense levels can be detected quickly and and accurate to the litre. The sensor can be used universally various tanks. Almost all common liquids can be liquids can be measured and therefore SuperSense is THE universal solution for the detection of your filling levels.

Compact design. Most modern measuring technology.

  • Finally a reliable level measurement.
  • Universally applicable.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.

Exact result through more measuring points.

As an example on a standard tank, you can see the accuracy in comparison:

4x 35x 350x Standard Ultrasound SuperSense


How is it measured?
The mode of operation is quickly explained: a sensor hose is plugged into the level sensor. is plugged into the level sensor. The hose is inserted into the tank from above. The air in the hose compresses minimally as the level rises. hose compresses minimally. This change is detected by the SuperSense electronics and evaluated. Special algorithms ensure that the measurement result is also accurate at temperatures or at different atmospheric pressures (e.g. on the atmospheric pressure (e.g. on a mountain) are always displayed correctly. is displayed. This makes SuperSense suitable for both stationary and mobile use. use in equal measure.


precise measurement result

To the litre.

minimal power consumption

At 12V only 5mA in continuous operation.

prompt integration

Uncomplicated change to SuperSense.

intuitive app connectivity

Perfect overview through the optional app connection.

Uncomplicated installation

SuperSense was designed for use directly from the factory and for retrofitting. retrofitting. The sensor can be adjusted to all tank heights to all tank heights within seconds. SuperSense can be immediately, the sensor calibrates itself automatically. automatically.

The sensor data is displayed via the optional SuperSense Display, app or on your original control panel (please ask for compatibility beforehand). compatibility), depending on the control panel and tank, a level measurement in a level measurement in 1% steps is possible.

Representation on the original display

In addition to our own display and the app, a large number of "external of "third-party displays" can be controlled. Here in the example you see a display as it is often used in the motorhome industry. in the motorhome industry. We support a large number of control panels and deliver specific cable sets, please ask us at any time if we can support your if we can support your display as well.

A small but nice detail:
The programming button.

  • Press 1x long: The current fill level is saved as 100% ("full").
  • Press 1x briefly: The LED indicates the current fill level.

With only one button, this sensor can be adapted to almost all tanks. Avoid many part numbers and different sensor types. With SuperSense you get one article, adaptable to different tanks and tank media. With the button, in addition to the calibration required once (remains stored even in case of power failure), the current fill level can also be displayed. To do this, the button is pressed briefly, the LED then lights up in one color. Using the level meter printed on the sensor, the fill level can then be read off via the color of the LED.

Comparison matrix

Std. measuring probe hourly ultrasound SuperSense
Measuring range 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% Centimeter range Millimeter range
Max. fill level 200mm 600mm 1,000mm
Power consumption Up to 1.000mA min. 50mA 5mA
Measuring interval every 15 to 30 seconds every 20 seconds 1 millisecond
Response time after start 15 seconds 2-3 minutes 0.5 seconds
Free placement partly possible -
Free from dead zones - -
Measurement during surge - -

All data under laboratory conditions. In practice, deviations in the measuring procedure may occur, e.g. due to manufacturing tolerances of the tank manufacturer, inclination of the vehicle or other factors. The lowest area of the tank can technically only be detected as soon as the water reaches or encompasses the lower area of the sensor hose. The housing side outside the tank must be protected against moisture (IP30). For water resistant applications we recommend our model series SuperSense Solid. Please further note that the sensors are a precise measuring instrument and must not be overloaded, e.g. by putting the tank under additional pressure. If not explicitly stated, tanks must always be vented and pressure-free.
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