SuperSense GasCheck for measuring the gas level.

For all common gas tanks and tank gas cylinders.
SuperSense is now also available for the measurement of gas tanks as well as of tank gas cylinders. The use is as simple as usual. The installation is quick and, if desired, can be seamlessly integrated into the overall SuperSense overall system, including app use. The measurement outside the tank and thus ensures maximum safety. safety.


Quick installation

Setup within the shortest time.

App or display indication

Display via app or on many original displays possible.

Maximum security

Protected electronic components for maximum safety.

Many possible applications

For almost all gas tanks and tank gas cylinders.

Perfect for gas tanks.

Almost all gas tanks available on the market can be detected. Thanks to the intelligent SuperSense electronics, the tank size can be adjusted adjusted at the touch of a button.

  • Ideal for retrofitting.
  • Perfect for integration ex works.
  • Only one article for all tanks.

Item number(s):

SuperSense GasCheck level indicator for use with own / original vehicle display and / or the SuperSense Bluetooth box.

SuperSense GasCheck with integrated Bluetooth module. Can be used directly with the SuperSense app without any additional accessories.

Level measurement of tank gas cylinders

The measurement of tank gas cylinders is based on the same, tried and tested technology as it is used for the large tanks. Naturally, mixed operation between gas tanks and tank gas cylinders is also gas tanks and tank gas cylinders is also possible.

  • Level control from inside the vehicle.
  • For almost all tank gas cylinders.
  • Also available as Bluetooth version.

Item number(s):

SuperSense GasCheck level indicator for use with own / original vehicle display and / or the SuperSense Bluetooth box.

SuperSense GasCheck with integrated Bluetooth. Can be used directly with the SuperSense app without additional with the SuperSense app.

Can be combined with other SuperSense products

Combine with other SuperSense products as desired. For example, you can ideally combine a measurement of fresh, gray and black water ideally with a gas tank measurement. All values can be found under a single app, for a maximum overview and ease of use.

  • SuperSense products can be combined with each other as desired. can be combined.
  • Continuous app development for even more functions and convenience in the future.
  • A single app for all levels.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does the measurement work?
A: The original level level indicator is exchanged for a SuperSense sensor. and the rest is done by the app.

Q: Can the exchange also be done with a filled tank / gas bottle? tank gas bottle?
A: Yes, since no opening in the tank is opening in the tank is not required, the installation can also be carried out without any danger.

Q: Can I display the fill level on an existing display without an app? existing display?
A: Yes, we support support a large number of standard displays and can also provide an display in addition to the app.

Q: Currently I have a display from 0 - 80%, how is that with with SuperSense GasCheck?
A: The display of 0 - 80% is is due to the fact that the tank must provide a safety reserve. reserve. However, we find the indication of 0 - 80% confusing and always always work with a display of 0 - 100%, even if the tank is filled tank is only filled up to 80% (since the 80% represents the maximum level and the remaining 20% reserve is never used).

Q: I already have a Bluetooth box and would like a Sensor for the gas tank - is this compatible?
A: Yes, the gas tank sensor can be plugged directly into a free port in the Bluetooth box. in the Bluetooth box.

Q: I have a Bluetooth box, but all ports are already occupied. already occupied. How can I connect the sensor?
A: If all ports are occupied, you can either use a second Bluetooth-Box can be used, or alternatively a sensor with an integrated Bluetooth module.

Q: I do not have any other SuperSense products yet and only want to buy a sensor for the gas tank - what do I need? I need?
A: For this purpose the sensor in the wireless version (part number SS-GC-35W for gas tanks, or SS-GC-23W for tank gas). SS-GC-23W for tank gas cylinders). This sensor is able to communicate directly communicate with the SuperSense app.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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