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On this page you will find further reference projects. For contractual reasons, we can only show a small excerpt of our already realized projects, as the majority of our work is subject to confidentiality. Our focus is always to offer complete solutions. For all hardware projects on this page we have developed the corresponding software components and offer support from his hand.

  • Complete systems
  • CIS 2 Infotainment System

    Complete systems

    The advanced CIS system in the second edition. It is used in a wide variety of environments, mainly in multifunctional show and concept cars as well as in luxury vehicle and motor home construction.

  • CIS 1 Infotainment System

    The CIS 1 system is the consistent further development of the CPS 2400 system.

    • Adaptable to various markets
    • Integrated data modem
    • Very compact and powerful
    • Integrated solution for up to 4 cameras

  • CPS 2400 Infotainment System

    The CPS 2400 system was our first commercially successful infotainment solution and is still installed in a large number of vehicles today.

      The COMWORKS CPS2400 Infotainment System

    • The CPS 2400 system was our first fully integrated complete infotainment solution.
    • 3D navigation from the bird's eye view, at that time pure 2D navigation systems were still standard for a long time
    • Integrated e-mail client with text-to-speech
    • Integrated WLAN

  • Display technology
  • Control of BMW displays

    With this electronics various, original BMW displays can be controlled via DVI / HDMI. The electronics is used in the design area to control the original BMW display via PC or Mac (testing of new surface designs) as well as for pre-series vehicles.

    Control of original BMW displays

    • Directly connectable to PC or Mac
    • Works without drivers and behaves like a normal monitor
    • Various BMW display configurations available

  • Laser projection onto electrochromic foil

    Control of an electrochromatic foil (transparent / opaque) and projection by means of RGB laser. Field of application: concept cars.

    • Simple control on 12V basis
    • Powerful, always focused projection by laser
    • With appropriate installation spaces for projection, almost any display shape is possible.

  • Infotainment on original BMW display

    Adaptation CIS infotainment to original BMW display.

    • Control via original BMW connectors
    • Native resolution
    • Display of any content.

  • Infotainment on original Golf VII display

    With this electronics the original VW infotainment system (in this example a Golf VII) can be controlled. You can switch between original infotainment and CIS by pressing the "Media" button for 2 seconds.

    Control of original VW displays

    • Directly connectable to CIS Infotainment
    • Native, digital display control.
    • Including touch screen function via CAN bus.

  • Control BMW Head-Up Display

    These electronics were developed for the BMW Active Tourer Concept and allow any display content to be shown on the Head-Up Display.

    BMW Head-Up Display

    • Full RGB color spectrum
    • Static and moving pictures / videos possible.
    • Including control of the backlight.

  • LED technology
  • CW LED Control

    A freely programmable RGB LED controller, incl. software for Microsoft Windows for fast creation of animations.

    • Works with 12V
    • Network-compatible
    • Ideal for Concept- / Showcars
    • Any number of color channels, any number of LEDs
    • Powerful enough to build a video wall with it

  • Miscellaneous
  • FM- / DAB+ / DVB-T Tuner

    This powerful combined tuner unit has 3x FM and 1x DAB+ and can receive DVB-T television at the same time. It is used wherever poor reception conditions prevail and normal tuners do not achieve sufficiently high reception power. Various automobile manufacturers use this module for pre-series vehicles as well as in vehicle development.

    FM / DAB+ / DVB-T Tuner

    • FM Tuner with phase diversity
    • FM background scan (permanent station search in the background)
    • Digital radio via DAB+
    • DVB-T with phase diversity for TV reception even while driving

  • GPS / UMTS / LTE module

    This module combines GPS with mobile radio and can optionally communicate with Glonass and Galileo. In the area of mobile radio, the GSM, UMTS and LTE standards are supported. The module offers the possibility to take 2 SIM cards, so that even in difficult situations by using several network providers the best reception characteristics are ensured.

    GPS / UMTS / LTE / Glonass / Galileo

    • GPS (optional Glonass and Galileo)
    • GSM / UMTS / LTE
    • 2x SIM card reader
    • Drivers for common operating systems

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