SuperSense TireCheck. Professional tire pressure monitoring.

For car, motorcycle, truck and motorhome.
SuperSense TireCheck is an easy to retrofit tire pressure monitoring system (RDKS / TPMS). In addition to the high level of safety, there are further advantages, such as reduced fuel consumption and a comfortable check of the tire pressure without getting your fingers dirty. The integration into the continuously developed SuperSense App rounds off this innovative solution.



Set up within minutes and suitable for all cars, SUV, off-road vehicles, etc.


Separate pressure adjustment front / rear possible.


Increases safety and efficiency.

Leisure vehicles

Safely with the caravan or motorhome to the vacation and back again.

The most modern state of development.

Fresh from the COMWORKS laboratory and ready for a new generation of tire pressure monitoring systems. So this innovative solution does not require any additional hardware, but can be operated and called up via SuperSense App (free of charge in Google Play and in the Apple AppStore). The tire pressure measurement is displayed in the SuperSense App and thus extends the SuperSense product family.

Easy assembly:
  • The sensors are simply screwed on instead of the valve cap.
  • There is no need to install an additional display, as the display is done via the app.
Perfect app integration:
  • Simply download the app, scan for sensors and connect them and the measurement is done. Everything is very easy, without the need to register.
  • The correct tire pressure (target range according to the vehicle operating manual) can be entered directly in the app.
  • Measures tire pressure and temperature. In case of irregularities the app informs you immediately.
  • Warning by loud beep and / or vibration possible, so that a signal is given even when the smartphone is in the pocket.
Additional functions:
  • Support of followers.
  • Optional, individual tyre pressure adjustable for each tyre.

Which versions are available?

Up to 6 bar tire pressure (cars, motorcycles, trailers):
  • Part Number SS-PS6-02 - Set of 2
  • Part Number SS-PS6-04 - Set of 4
  • Part number SS-PS6-06 - Set of 6
  • Part Number SS-PS6-08 - Set of 8
  • Part Number SS-PS6-01 - Replacement Sensor
Up to 14 bar tyre pressure (motorhomes, trucks):
  • Part Number SS-PS14-04 - Set of 4
  • Part Number SS-PS14-06 - Set of 6
  • Part Number SS-PS14-08 - Set of 8
  • Part Number SS-PS14-01 - Replacement Sensor

Seamless interaction with the SuperSense App.

Simple setup, continuous development and functions you can rely on. With the SuperSense app you get the perfect display for your sensors.

  • Tire pressure monitoring directly via app from inside the vehicle.
  • A single interface for all SuperSense components.
  • Constant further development and thus new and innovative functions in the future.

Small. Light. Robust and fast.

So much technology in such a small housing! SuperSense TireCheck not only contains the latest measurement technology and a robust exterior, but is also very responsive - e.g. when there is a threat of pressure loss. Where conventional solutions sometimes take up to 30 seconds or even more, SuperSense TireCheck reacts immediately and sends its status to the app.

-40°C +85°C

High temperature range

Differences in temperature make many tire pressure sensors difficult to handle. The SuperSense TireCheck have been developed and tested according to strict automotive guidelines and therefore cover a particularly wide temperature range.

Cost saving

Online calculator

With our online calculator you can calculate possible savings yourself. According to a Europe-wide survey by the tire manufacturer Bridgestone, 63% of the vehicles are on the road wrong tire pressure on the road. According to the tire manufacturers the saving possibility with the fuel consumption moves on the average with 5%, often up to 7.5%. Calculate yourself how much SuperSense TireCheck can bring you with the lower assumption of only assumption of only 5% can bring you.

This is the saving of the pure fuel costs. Further savings effects occur additionally by a prolonged tire running time and thus an extension of the change intervals.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does the measurement work?
A: The measurement is made directly via the tire pressure. For this purpose a SuperSense TireCheck sensor is screwed on instead of the valve cap.

Q: How do I know what is the correct tyre pressure for my vehicle?
A: You can find the correct tyre pressure in the operating manual of your vehicle. On many vehicles, this information is also located on the inside of the fuel cap. The SuperSense TireCheck measures each tire individually, so it is easy to set different pressures per axle.

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: The battery life is approximately one year. A necessary battery change is indicated in time in the app. A replacement battery is included with each sensor.

Q: Can I change the battery myself?
A: Yes. To change the battery, simply unscrew one cap to access the battery compartment. No tools are required to change the battery. The battery is a standard CR2032 battery.

Q: What happens if I mount / change the tyres on another axle?
A: In the app, the assignment of the tires can be adjusted as desired by simply dragging and dropping.

Q: How do I find out which sensor is on which tire? Is there a marking or similar?
A: If you remove or attach a sensor, you can immediately determine the pressure difference via the app and thus clearly assign the sensor.

Q: I don't have any other SuperSense products yet and only want to purchase SuperSense TireCheck - what do I need?
A: The app is perfectly suited for stand-alone operation with the TireCheck sensors. You purchase the number of SuperSense TireCheck sensors you need and then download the SuperSense app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge and without registration. You can add more SuperSense products at any time if needed.

Q: We are vehicle manufacturers and would like to have our own / individual version for our vehicles. Is that possible?
A: Yes, please feel free to contact us. We develop all core technologies in-house, customer-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The product can be delivered in large quantities within a short time.

Additional information in the support area.

Please read our notes in the support area before commissioning. There you will find information and safety instructions for setting up the sensors.

TireCheck Support

All data under laboratory conditions. In practice, deviations in the measurement procedure may occur. The display in the app is rounded to 0.1 bar, e.g. 7.79 bar in the app becomes 7.8 bar. Alarm settings take into account the exact measured (not rounded) value. For example, if the alarm is set at less than 7.8 bar and the measured pressure is 7.75 bar, for example, the app will still display 7.8 bar when rounded up, but an alarm situation will still occur. This is not a malfunction, but intended.