CIS 2 - The 2nd generation caravan infotainment server

A system that brings together electronic islands, reduces production costs and increases convenience.

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Unique selling points

flexible storage

Adaptable according to the application.

automotive connectors

Firm hold with the highest demands.

expanded temperature range

Despite passive cooling, the CIS 2 always keeps a cool head.

high computing capacity

Even many simultaneous tasks are no problem.

A central unit

As a motorhome manufacturer, you are usually dependent on a few suppliers in the electronics & infotainment sector, all of whom offer isolated solutions. The attempt to introduce a uniform bus system has not yet succeeded in the form that the manufacturers would like.
CIS 2 does away with various control units and electronic isolated solutions. CIS 2 offers entertainment, comfort and home automation in one device.

The connection side accommodates all connections in a compact space-saving manner. Automotive connectors ensure a secure hold and simple assembly.

Like a modular system, CIS 2 can be configured to suit your vehicles. At last it is possible to implement a suitable operating concept (similar to Audi MMI, BMW iDrive, Mercedes Command) for your vehicles.