SuperSense Scale. Design and function perfectly combined.

For measuring the contents of cylindrical containers.
SuperSense Scale is our new platform for measuring cylindrical containers and therefore ideally suited for 5 kg or 11 kg gas cylinders. The intelligent app control can manage and display up to 20 SuperSense Scale at the same time. The timeless and robust design, manufactured from a high quality aluminium alloy, makes SuperSense Scale the first choice for initial integration as well as for retrofitting. The installation height of only 15mm ensures maximum flexibility.


Quick installation

Setup within the shortest time.

App or display indication

Display via app or on many original displays possible.

Maximum security

Protected electronic components for maximum safety.

Many possible applications

For almost all cylindrical containers.

Perfect for gas cylinders.

Place the bottle on the platform. Done. This is how fast and uncomplicated a fill level display can be.

  • Works with all gas cylinders, whether made of steel, aluminum or plastic.
  • Also works with dirty or rusted gas cylinders. gas cylinders.
  • In summer as in winter always a correct display, without cumbersome handling.

Item number(s):

SuperSense Scale with integrated Bluetooth module. Can be used directly with the SuperSense app without any additional accessories.

SuperSense Scale level indicator for original integration for vehicle manufacturers via cable connection (on request)

SuperSense Scale level indicator for original integration for integration for vehicle manufacturers via wireless connection (on connection (on request)

Seamless interaction with the SuperSense App.

Easy setup, continuous development and Functions you can rely on. With the SuperSense App you get an all-around well thought-out package.

  • Level control from inside the vehicle.
  • For all aluminium, steel or plastic bottles.
  • Also available as Bluetooth version.

-30°C +85°C

Measurements even in difficult environments

Temperature differences make conventional measuring methods difficult to deal with. If the temperature drops during the night, 5% fill level quickly becomes 25%. With SuperSense Scale, you can rely on a correct display even in the most adverse ambient temperatures.

Can be combined with other SuperSense products

Combine as you wish with other SuperSense products. For example, you can ideally combine a measurement of fresh, grey and black water with a gas cylinder measurement. All measured values are stored under one single app for maximum overview and ease of use.

  • SuperSense products can be combined with each other as desired.
  • Continuous app development for even more functions and comfort in the future.
  • A single app for all levels.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does the measurement work?
A: The measurement is done by a solution specially developed by us and designed for mobile use, based on the weight of the measured object.

Q: Is it possible to measure different gas cylinders at the same time?
A: Yes, the SuperSense app allows individual settings for each cylinder. For example, two SuperSense Scales can measure a steel and an aluminum cylinder at the same time.

Q: Can I measure a gas cylinder and a tank gas cylinder at the same time.
A: Yes, the SuperSense products can be combined with each other as desired.

Q: I already have a Bluetooth box and want to use a SuperSense Scale. Is this possible?
A: Yes, with the Blueooth box, any free input can be used for SuperSense Scale.

Q: I have a Bluetooth box, but all ports are already occupied. How can I connect the sensor?
A: If all ports are occupied, either a second Bluetooth box can be used, or alternatively SuperSense Scale with integrated Bluetooth module.

Q: I don't have any other SuperSense products yet and only want to purchase SuperSense Scale - what do I need?
A: For this purpose, the sensor in the wireless version (part number SS-SC-30W) is the best choice. This product is able to communicate directly with the SuperSense App.

Q: Where are the electronics located?
A: The electrical components are located in a small black box that can be placed away from the gas measurement point. Only passive technology is located in the scale ("disk"). The scale itself does not need its own power supply or battery. In case of an installation e.g. in a gas box, the electronics is placed outside of this box, among other things to be able to comply with DIN EN 1949 in case of an installation, but also to optimize the reception performance of the built-in Bluetooth module, since gas boxes are usually metal-lined and thus strongly shielded for radio technology.

Q: We are a vehicle manufacturer and would like to obtain our own / individual version for our vehicles. Is this possible?
A: Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We develop all core technologies in-house, customer-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The product can be delivered in high quantities in a short time.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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